Reasons to get involved

Become Informed

Participation in local meetings and knowing who to contact is one of the best ways to become aware of the rights and appropriate responsibilities of employment at Iowa State.  Assuring proper procedures are followed regarding work rules, transfer opportunities, layoffs and a host of other areas can get complicated for someone to manage on their own.  Working together with co-workers at ISU allows for direct support with information and effective advocacy when needed.

Effectiveness at Bargaining

Clout at the bargaining table with management and balancing the interests of other employee groups is a function of who is involved and the strength of participation through membership.  Selection as a negotiator on the state-wide bargaining team is apportioned based on number of members for each employee unit.  The interests of members are given priority when bargaining, and the more members involved, the more effective we will be in demonstrating interest in improved working conditions, wages and benefits.

Make a Contribution

Members and officers of Local 96 are involved in improving the campus community in numerous ways, from representing clerical merit employees on ISU Committee on Women to ruling on parking appeals.  As Local 96 is the only recognized official voice of ISU clerical employees, there just isn't a better way to be a part of making Iowa State University the best it can be as well as the best place to be a part of providing services to students and citizens of Iowa.

How to Join

To become a member, contact any of the officers who will answer any questions you may have, and provide a way for you to authorize deduction of dues from your monthly payroll.  The amount of monthly dues is 1.4% of your salary with a maximum of $39.25 per month.