Statement from AFSCME Iowa President Danny Homan on HSB-117

posted Feb 25, 2011, 3:01 PM by Unknown user

In a marathon session that lasted until 6 am (for a total of 15 hours!), the House Labor committee passed out HSB117, a bill we've been warning you about.  That's the bill that we've called "Wisconsin Lite," and its goal is to destroy public sector bargaining in Iowa.

Democrats filed 58 amendments to try and fix all the problems with the bill, only to have every Republican vote them down.  In fact, check out Rep. Greg Forristall (R) paying close attention to the debate by listening to his headphones and reading his computer!

After such a long night of fighting for your rights, these Representatives sure could use a pick me up.  You can't send them a Red Bull or a V8, but you sure can send them a thank you note.

Please send a thank you to:

Contact them by clicking on the links to find their contact information.  Please be respectful, and do not use a work phone or email address.
Thank you for standing up for those who have stood with us.

In Solidarity,

Danny Homan
President, AFSCME Iowa Council 61